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Unveiling Unforgettable Conference Destinations in South Africa

When it comes to hosting conferences that seamlessly blend business and pleasure, South Africa stands as an exceptional choice. With its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities, and world-class facilities, this captivating country offers a remarkable backdrop for corporate gatherings. Let’s explore

My favourite family friendly wine farms

As a parent you know that choosing an outing revolves around what is offered for the children. For a fun and relaxing day out to actually be fun and relaxing the children need to be kept busy and fed. Travelling

10 best road running races in South Africa

Road running is very big and getting even bigger in South Africa. Each of  the major metropolitan areas is certain to host a road race every weekend. So, making a short selection of the best events is both taxing and

Long Stay golf trip to South Africa

Time to leave the cold and wet winter in Sweden and spend a few weeks in sunny and warm South Africa? South Africa offers the best of two worlds, world-class golf courses and beautiful wineries with incredibly good wines. A

7 days golf trip – Golf, SPA, safari, whale watching and wine tasting

Hermanus, the world’s foremost land based whale watching destination, is a thriving holiday resort offering residents and holiday makers all modern amenities, yet retaining its fisherman’s village charm. The popular resort town of Hermanus, situated between mountain and sea, has gained world-wide recognition as the world’s foremost land based whale watching destination. This has resulted in the former fishing village showing a tremendous growth over the last few years.

Quick facts about South Africa

Flag President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa Capital Pretoria (executive) Bloemfontein (judicial) Cape Town (legislative) Currency The Rand, sign: R  and code: ZAR, is the official currency of South Africa. Language – Official languages Engelska Afrikaans Zulu Xhosa Sesotho Setswana

Safari in South Africa

Travel to South Africa – to think about

South Africa is a wonderful country to travel to on their winter vacation. South Africa has the most to offer – sun and heat – good food and drink – no jetleg – beaches and mountains … Best time to

Dyka med hajar

Adrenaline junkie Luc

South Africa has plenty to offer. European tourists often come for a bit of winter sun. While the climate is perfect for a relaxing break and spot of game viewing in our world famous national parks, there are those that

Stellenbosch Wine Weekend.

Stellenbosch Wine Weekend, Aimèe’s travel tip

Getting to Stellenbosch from Cape Town for our wine farm weekend was a breeze. We left Cape Town midmorning on Saturday after a breakfast at the V&A Waterfront bakery, Knead and arrived in Stellenbosch for our Stellenbosch Wine Weekend well

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