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Nitida is a family-owned, boutique winery, and our tasting room, which is situated inside our barrel maturation cellar, is limited in space. We pride ourselves in giving our guests an intimate and authentic tasting experience.  In order for us to maintain our standards of service, and with our space limitation (made even less with the current social distancing protocols that we have to observe), we cannot accommodate groups, especially on weekends.

We do suggest booking your tasting on weekends, to avoid disappointment.

Our tasting room is open 7 days a week.  Wines available for tasting may vary, depending on availability throughout the year.

The perfect combination of natural beauty, rustic charm and modern design awaits you at our tasting room.   Our tasting room staff are knowledgeable and experienced and will help you discover your favourite Nitida wine.

There are currently 3 options for wine tasting.  In two of the tasting options, you are able to choose which 4 wines you would like to taste within the available list for that particular category.  The third option is the pre-set tasting of specific wines with our Sensory Sauvignon Blanc Experience.

Nitida Wine Tasting

You choose which four wines you would like to taste within this category.

How lucky are you!  You have our entire range to choose from; any four wines that tickle your fancy are available to you to taste.  There are some fabulous single-varietal wines, but don’t forget about our beautiful bubblies, blends, and special-release wines.  You’ll find that some of our wines are fun and friendly, while others are on the more serious side of the spectrum, truly strutting their stuff alongside beautifully crafted dishes.  Your taste, your choice.

Sauvignon Blanc Sensory Tasting

This option is a pre-set selection of our current Sauvignon Blanc wines designed to showcase Sauvignon Blanc with a sensory adventure.

With this option you are encouraged to explore different tastes and smells and have a little fun with your wine tasting.

No two tastings are the same, and no two people are the same.  We all experience taste uniquely.  With this option there are a variety of dehydrated fruits, herbs and spices, etc. to taste and experiment with.  We purposefully do not label any items, because we want to immerse the taster in what they are tasting and smelling.  (We will happily identify items if you like.)

Investigate which items enhance the flavour of the wine, and which detracts from the wine.  See (or rather taste) which foods will pair well with the wine and which won’t – we have put things in that we do not think will work.  Since we all like different things, perhaps you will disagree.

There is no right or wrong with wine – it is all personal.

It’s a journey of discovery and we want you to let your inner child out, and play.

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Nitida Wine Cellars

Nitida Wine Cellars
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Nitida Wine Cellars

Durbanville, South Africa
Situated in the heart of the Durbanville Wine Valley you will find our family-owned and operated wine cellar. Although not intentionally award-driven, there is no denying the status of our Wine of Origin Cape Town, boutique wines. For us, being handmade is more than just a physical process and approach, it is about perfecting the small details along the way while treating each batch of juice with respect throughout its journey from the vine to Nitida wines. It is also about working with nature and thereby ensuring that the wine embodies our attitude and brand.

“We completely believe that beautiful wines come from day-to-day thoughtful management in the vineyards.” Our bottom line is that to be part of the Nitida family, requires commitment, passion and a desire to be involved.

After the Veller family purchased the smallest of the Durbanville farms in 1990 Bernhard, a qualified engineer, took 2 weeks off work in 1992 to plant some vineyard, planning to only make a few barrels of wine.  Three years later we won our first Gold Medal for our Sauvignon Blanc.  In 2001 we were recognized as a benchmark Semillon producer.  Helgard van Schallkwyk joined us in 2023 as winemaker and has continued the Nitida legacy of creating beautiful, award-winning wines that have a consistently loyal following.  Our method is always one of minimal intervention and allowing the wines to show off our micro-climate.  Here, handmade is truly an attitude.

Nitida embodies devotion, passion, and aspiration. Stroll through our cellar, take delight in our wine tastings, and dine with us at Cassia Restaurant or Tables at Nitida.

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